Getting To Know Us


Golden Horizon Holidays is no ordinary holiday company!

It is a holiday company with many differences…


Firstly, it is a holiday company specialising in providing custom made holidays for disabled travellers, whether physically disabled, mentally disabled, or those who simply need a little help in getting around.

Secondly, our holiday packages are built from the ground up with attention first and foremost on providing a quality experience, starting with the precise needs of each traveller at the destination resort and supplying just the right level of care that each individual needs, whilst remaining flexible from day to day.

Thirdly, our holidays are “all inclusive”, meaning that we take care of absolutely everything from the minute you get on the plane… providing the right sort of transport, the right type of specially adapted accommodation, any mobility aids that are required, organising tours and recreational activities, plus just the right level of care, whether it be round-the-clock nursing or just a little companionship when needed.

Plus one “BIG” difference…

It puts YOU the holidaymaker first!

Aren’t you sick and tired of getting off the plane, being picked up and then unceremoniously dumped at the door of your hotel or apartment, with nothing for company other than your “welcome pack” and the night porter… just being left to get on with it for the rest of your stay?

If you can relate to this experience, even just a little, then we have a treat in store for you! For we can absolutely guarantee that your Golden Horizon holiday will be quite literally a breath of fresh air.

Sandra Hamillbeg-quoteHi, my name is Sandra Hamill and I am the founder and owner of Golden Horizon Holidays. I am a fully qualified nurse with over 30 years experience in nursing and management in the National Health Service of Scotland and also in operating nursing homes. I am therefore a CARE SPECIALIST. What I am NOT is some fly-by-night tour operator just here to take your money in return for a minimal level of service.

Golden Horizon Holidays is a part of the Hamill Care International (HCI) brand which was created out of my belief and conviction that it is possible, indeed our duty, to treat the disabled and elderly with the respect and dignity that they deserve and that they are totally capable of leading perfectly normal lives and participating in wonderful inspiring activities surrounded by friends, family and people who genuinely care…


But it is not only the disabled who need a break. It is also important that their families and carers should benefit from a little respite from time to time. And I am pleased to say that our holidays can provide just that, with their day-to-day duties taken over to any required extent by our own highly experienced and dedicated care team, meaning that the whole family can get away from it all!

Mallorca is a great destination for a holiday. It has so much to offer, and not just during the peak Summer season of July and August. In fact many people prefer to visit when it is a little quieter and cooler. The island is particularly welcoming in the Spring and Autumn. For lovers of nature these are the ideal times, and there is still so much going on… in fact even more, as the locals go about their daily lives and the island comes alive with various celebrations and fairs, all part of the Mallorcan tradition. It really is a delight. And I should know. I love the island so much that I chose to make it my own home!

It is this local knowledge that helps make your Golden Horizon holiday just that little bit special. You see, most of us have lived here for many years, some for their entire lives. It is our home. This puts us in a unique position when selecting suitable activities and making arrangements on behalf of our guests. We have the inside knowledge. Just like if something goes wrong, some little mishap or even an emergency. We know exactly what to do or who to call. Nothing is left to chance. Let’s be realistic… such things do occur!

And as to our holiday accommodation, with the exception of the hotels, this is all managed by us. Our guests are not put into the hands of some unknown and unaccountable commercial holiday company. We know all of our properties individually and look after and maintain them. Properties are individually selected and matched to meet the precise needs of each guest in terms of access requirements, facilities and proximity to amenities. They will also be equipped with whatever mobility aids and other special equipment that is needed as a part of the guest’s individual care plan.

Talking about care plans, this is an area in which we are particularly attentive and thorough. It is my own specialisation and utmost care is placed in satisfying the most demanding of requirements in association with our guest’s care and medical teams back home. I have even won an award for it! So in booking a Golden Horizon holiday, our guests are assured of the highest level of care at all times.

I could say more but I prefer you to browse around this site and discover just what sort of holiday you would like. Then once you have decided, either complete the online booking form or simply give us a call to discuss your precise desires and needs with one of our experienced team members, entirely without obligation. Together we will talk through the options available and address any worries or concerns you might have. We are here to help!

I wish you great success in finding the holiday of your dreams and look forward in welcoming you in person to the jewel of an island that is Mallorca.end-quote

Yours sincerely,

Sandra signature