Destination-MallorcaThe island of Mallorca has been known by various names over the years – the “Golden Isle”, the “Tranquil Isle”, the “Wooded Isle” – all of which it well merits. And with its craggy coastline, gentle year-round ocean breezes and stunning landscape peppered with almond and olive trees, it is no wonder that Spain’s largest island has been inhabited and fought over since antiquity. This tiny archipelago which is part of the Balearic Islands has a rich and varied history, and is laden with fascinating historical and naturally spectacular sights – from its inspirational castles and enchanting gardens to its stunning caves and spectacular mountains.

Mallorca’s eastern and southern coasts are still home to some of the cleanest and most attractive beaches in the Mediterranean, whilst the capital city of Palma is more fresh and alive than ever with its rich cultural heritage subtly blending with sophisticated modern-day shopping facilities.

In Mallorca there is plenty to do for every generation, and nowhere is very far from Palma and its international airport. Whether it be outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkelling and golfing, shopping at the designer boutiques and trendy retail outlets located in the city centre, or attending a concert at Auditiorio de Palma, which ranks among Europe’s top concert halls.

In addition to being only a two-hour flight from London and being served by many UK and international airports and airlines, the island itself possesses an excellent infrastructure, with a great road network and reliable and inexpensive bus services. Taxis are also plentiful and can be taken from the airport to all parts of the island at reasonable rates.

Many parts of the island are a haven to writers, painters and musicians from around the world, and it has been so for a very long time. From the medieval philosopher Ramon Llull, to Georges Sand and Frederic Chopin’s famous short residency in the 19th century, and more recently the famous writer and historian Robert Graves and the Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges, all have benefited from the peaceful environment and charmed climate of this blessed isle, in return imparting to it some of their own timeless spirit and culture.

As a holiday and tourist centre for the disabled and not so disabled, Mallorca has a lot to offer. Apart from the mountainous area to the west of the island – which is actually great for walkers and aficionados of some of the more rugged sports – much of the island to the east and the north is quite flat, making it ideal for those with mobility difficulties or confined to a wheelchair. Many of the long wide beaches are also highly accessible, and outside the peak tourist season of July and August are peaceful and welcoming.

But if outdoor sports are your cup of tea, perhaps you already know that Mallorca can be a perfect destination. Particularly for cycling enthusiasts. Each year thousands of cyclists arrive to travel Mallorca’s highways and byways, enjoying the mild winters, sunshine and the incredible colours of autumn and spring. And during the winter months, the best professional European teams visit to benefit from the ideal training conditions. Indeed the northern resort of Alcudia is a favourite of Britain’s Team Sky during the winter as they take advantage of the climate and landscape in addition to the relatively dry, warm weather.

And of course, being surrounded by the warm Mediterranean sea, Mallorca is home to a panoply of aquatic sports, from sailing to swimming and scuba diving, with many sports available in a specially adapted form for those with physical disabilities.